Salman still does not have the bell, from morning to night, now Sallu will be in jail.

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Salman Khan in Jail still does not have the bell:

Salman still does not have the bell, from morning to night, now Sallu will be in jail.


Salman Khan in Jail: Salman’s bail plea was heard on Friday in the sessions court of Jodhpur on a 20-year-old black deer hunting case. Judge Ravindra Kumar Jain said that only after hearing the records will the hearing be heard tomorrow. In this case, in the case yesterday, Salman was sentenced to 5 years under the Wildlife Protection Act. Ten thousand rupees have been imposed. Salman was sent to Jodhpur Central Jail.
Salman Khan and his associates were accused of hunting 2 chinkaras and 3 black deer. Salman was also booked under the Arms Act. Salman’s entire life will change after going to jail. Their daily routine will change completely. Know how Salman will be in prison for routine?
In the above slides, see how Salman will be in jail.

Salman still does not have the bell, from morning to night, now Sallu will be in jail.

Live Updates on Salman Khan: –

– Salman has given shirts and t-shirts to his bodyguards. He will wear gel dress from tomorrow.
Salman was given cabbage, bread, and pulse in jail, but he did not eat it.
– Prisoners are number 106 in Salman jail. Tonight they will get eggplant vegetable, lentils, and bread in the food.
– Salman Khan is being sent to Barrack No. 2 in Jodhpur jail, also known as Half Barrack.
– Salman Khan, sitting in the DIG room in jail is in the process of being sent to the barracks.
– Salman’s lawyer reached the sessions court for bail. Will be hearing on Thursday.
– Salman Khan was taken to the Central Prison. Medical examination will be done inside the jail.
-Supa MP and actress Jaya Bachchan expressed regret over the punishment received by Salman Khan but said- the law is doing its own work.
– Police van reached Salman Khan to pick up Medical will be taken to the hospital. It will take Jodhpur central jail.
– Jodhpur jail inspector Vikram Singh said, in view of the decision, security arrangements have been made in the jail. Bathrooms are in good condition. Salman will be given the same food, which is given to other prisoners. It may be that Salman has to live with Asaram.
– The police van is reaching court in a while to take Salman to jail.
– As soon as Salman Khan gets punishment, both of his sisters are crying.
– Bishnoi society expressed happiness after Salman Khan got punished.
– Salman Khan has been sentenced to 5 years. They have been taken into custody.
– State President of Bishnoi society Rampal Bhavad said that we will study the decision. After this will appeal against the acquitted accused.

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– Salman’s lawyer demanded punishment for maximum 2 years, while the public prosecutor is demanding punishment for him for 6 years.
– After completion of the arguments on conviction, the judge has moved from the courtroom to his chamber.
– The public prosecutor has demanded a 6-year sentence for Salman Khan.
– Salman is very sad in the courtroom, both sisters present together
– The arguments on the conviction in the court have been completed. Just a sentence of the sentence in a while.
– The lawyer has appealed to the court – Salman Khan should be punished at least.
– Salman’s sentence is being argued in court.
-Salman guilty of black deer hunting case, all other accused were acquitted.
– The process of decision has started on the court.
– Salman Khan, along with other accused, dismissed all charges against the judge.
– The court hearing begins, Salman Khan is waiting for the decision with two sisters.
– The phone of Salman Khan and his two sisters was deposited outside the court.
– Saif Ali Khan and Neelam also reached the court.
– Salman Khan reached court. His sister Alvira and Arpita are also present with them.
– Vishnoi society lawyer Manipal Bishnoi also reached court.
Salman Khan’s lawyers are present in Hastimal Court, Salman Khan is leaving for the court.
– All the accused, including Salman Khan, can come up to 11 o’clock.
– The main accused Dushyant Singh and CJM Dev Kumar Khatri reached the court.
– Saif Ali and Sonali Bendre’s lawyer said, if they prove guilty then they all will get equal punishment
. – A large number of police forces deployed outside Jodhpur court
– CJM Rural Dev Kumar Khatri will reach court at 10 o’clock in the morning.
– Decision day on Salman Khan in the 20-year-old black deer hunting case.
Salman, in Jodhpur with Saif, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre to hear the court verdict.
– If convicted, punishment can take up to 6 years.
– Before the verdict, Salman disappeared from the eyes of his eyes, staying awake all night at Jodhpur’s hotel. – Salim Khan refuses to speak on a court verdict
Earlier Salman Khan had appeared in CJM Rural Court on January 4. In the 20-year-old black deer hunting case Salman was present in court personally due to being in Jodhpur. He was in court for about 35 minutes. During the muscle, Salman’s lawyer started the CD’s testimony in the testimony of witness Poonamchand. Salman had become emotional about the witness’s statement. Their eyes became moist. In the meantime, the tension was also clearly seen on his face in the court. Salman was also his Bodyguard News and another person. At that time, Salman wore black color shirts, jackets, and blue jeans. Salman was seen in the courtroom during the hearing.
During the shooting, go on allegations of hunting that during the shooting of his film ‘Hum Saath Ke Hain Hai’ in Jodhpur in 1998, Salman Khan was accused of hunting black deer. They were arrested in this case too. Salman Khan had to stay in jail for five days. On September 22, 1998, the police recovered a revolver and a rifle from their room.
Case filed by this official.

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Forest Officer Lalit Bowda filed an FIR against Salman Khan in the case of Luni police station in Jodhpur on October 15, 1998. According to the FIR lodged by the police, Salman Khan had hunted two black deer on the outskirts of Kankani village on the midnight of October 1-2, 1998.
Final arguments completed on March 28
The list of 51 witnesses was presented to the court by the prosecution, out of which 28 statements were made. In the case of defense, documents of defense were presented in the court. After this, after taking statements of all the Muslims, the final debate on both sides was completed on March 28.
Was found to be present order
The Court of CJM Grameen Devkumar Khatri, in order to hear the verdict in the matter, today ordered the issuance of all the accused to appear before the court. In this matter, the public prosecution, keeping the party side on behalf of the government.

Salman Khan in Jail still does not have the bell
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