Acne: Causes, treatment, symptoms and tips in women

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Acne: Causes, treatment, symptoms and tips in women

In adolescence, when girls look at photographs of heroines in the movies and magazines, they look like they are themselves. Indeed, in our society, people have made unblemished faces the criteria of beauty which is wrong, and this is the reason why when girls reach adolescence, they also come in tension after getting an acne. However, it is very common to get rid of acne at this age.

Most girls think after the age of 20, now let’s get rid of these misuses. But is it really so? No … you can get acne even after this age, even after the age of 30 there is a problem of acne. The females in women are mainly due to hormonal dislocation. They are called Adult Acne. From the exit of the face of the face, women begin to feel that it is spoiling their beauty and adopting domestic remedies to get rid of the mukhas. Due to acne, the confidence of women starts weakening, and many women make it easier to meet people or to go to the office.

If you are adopting domestic remedies such as creams and toothpaste as you think without thinking, then know that without any reason, using all these things will not benefit anything. It is better that you first know the cause of acne and then follow the treatment accordingly. In this article, we are telling you in detail about the causes of acne in women.

Why are acne?

By the way, there are two reasons behind acne in any age, the first skin is more oily and the second bacteria Acne can also be caused by stress, dirt or romance filled with holes. Apart from this, changes in estrogen levels or hormonal dislocation in most women’s body are also the main reason for acne.

Symptoms of Acne:

Adolescents in females are slightly different from adolescents in their appearance. The acne coming out of this age initially looks like small reddish grains and then gradually they grow up. In some women, these acne form in the form of a small tumor and later it becomes nail. These nail mouths are present on the face for a long time and leave these stains if they are not digested or treated properly. Occasionally, whiteheads and blackheads on the face also become silly. In some women, acne proceeds more on the chin rather than cheeks.

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Causes to acne:

The acne emanating from everyone’s face goes out due to different reasons. It is not necessary that due to which you are getting acquainted, your partner or friend can get rid of the same reason. As in a sultry environment, some women face acne on the face while those who live with them have no effect on the weather. So first know the exact cause of acne and then treat it after that. Usually due to the following reasons, adults get acne.

1- Hormonal changes:

Normally menstruation, pregnancy, a few weeks after the birth of the child and during breastfeeding, hormones change rapidly in women’s bodies, and this is why during this time the problem of acne in women increases. In fact, due to changes in the hormones, the pH balance of the skin worsens and the production of oil in the skin increases, resulting in acne. If you are getting acne due to hormone inhibition, then they will not be cured by putting cream or any household remedy on acne. In such circumstances, you should contact the dermatologist.

2- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS):

It is not that only during menstruation or pregnancy, the levels of hormones worsen in women’s body, but if you are suffering from PCOS, then there may be a condition of hormonal imbalance in your body. Most women today suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome. Due to this disease, men’s hormones increase in the body of women, which increase the production of oil in the skin and cause acne due to oily skin. [2]

3- Stress:

Do you know that due to stress, many types of hormones in the body worsen? When you are very stressed or scared, during the adrenal gland the stress hormone (cortisol) becomes more inert and due to the imbalance in the skin, acne starts moving out. This is also one of the main reasons for acne in adults. So with the help of yoga and meditation, reduce stress and be happy.

4- Smoke:

Drinking cigarettes is very harmful for health and you will be surprised to know that smoking also causes acne. It has been revealed in a research that people with allergic and migraine and smokers are more likely to get rid of acne. [1] Therefore avoid smoking.

5- Air Pollution:

The weather is changing suddenly where you are living, or because of being in a very humid and warm environment. Actually there are many types of harmful chemicals in the air present in our environment, and when it comes in contact with your skin, it starts to burn and itching. Also, due to these chemicals the skin gets infected and Nail-mouths come out Therefore, avoid going to highly polluted places and if your skin is sensitive then cover the skin with a napkin.

6- If the cease-fire closures:

it is very necessary to remain open to the skin pores, because with the help of these plummet, your skin breathes. Due to the presence of dust, dirt and skin cells in the atmosphere, these ROMs stop the pores and they become infected by the bacteria present in the air. Because of the infection, a layer is formed on them and later these nails become transformed into acne. Scrub the face once a week to stop the capsules from closing.

7- Incorrect Catering:

Apart from stress and hormonal changes, your wrong diet is also responsible for acne. Some people eat less fried and spicy things than the extent. Such things increase the heat of the body and then they start getting acne due to them. The only way to avoid this is to increase the intake of nutritious items such as fruit, green vegetables etc. in the diet.

8- Beauty Products:

The beauty of the face looks good to everyone and it is a good idea to take care of it. Many times it happens that women are being influenced by the beauty products used by their friend themselves and then they get rid of them. Actually every woman has different skin type and it is not necessary at all that the product that is good for your friend will be good for you as well. Some products may contain chemicals that are allergic to you and you can get rid of acne due to them. So do not pick the wrong product for yourself but test the patch once before using it and then use it.

Get rid of acne:

After getting acne, most girls start searching the Internet on ‘how to get rid of acne’ or ‘acne medicine’ on the internet. It is not necessary that every information given on the Internet is correct. However, you can use home remedies to get rid of acne, but if you are getting acne again, it is better that you go to a dermatologist and get your treatment.

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